Foundation Blueprint

The big picture begins with “WHY”.

Well over 90% of businesses in any category do NOT possess a brand. They may own a logo, website, clever tagline or slogan, but what they really possess is nothing more than a badge of ownership. They do NOT own a brand of distinction.

During the discovery process you’ll be pushed, poked and prodded in ways that may get a little personal, but do you really give a crap if it helps clear the fog and gets your brand pointed in the right direction?

As a client, the Seamless Brand Program begins with our Foundation Blueprint – a strategic road map for accelerating the way you:

  • Create separation within your business category;
  • Make a promise that matters;
  • Clarify the underpinnings of your story;
  • Bring internal and external into alignment;
  • Evaluate growth priorities; and
  • Map your brand’s marketing strategy.

When it comes to building a “seamless brand”, the initial focus is never “what” or “how” – it’s always “WHY”. The blueprint discovery process brings unusual clarity to your brand’s story before creative and tactics are ever discussed.