Marketing Campaign

Do you sing with gravel in your guts?

Each day marketing messages are being spewed your way – thousands of messages.

Look up.

Look down.

This morning, you may have glanced at a highway billboard inviting you to the Golden Arches as you daydreamed about a man selling deodorant on a horse while a radio ad exhorts you to visit a locally owned and operated value centre where “quality, service and selection” awaits from a “friendly and knowledgeable staff”.

Look back up.

Your choice is clear. Keep humming a campaign of oh-so quaint gospel tunes that have long since been tuned out.

OR, start singing with some gravel in your guts (and a little spit in your eye) – and stop worrying about the people you might offend along the way.

Look down.

The person you most want to reach – online or off – is dying to hear someone say or do something real; something that matters.

Is it time you started giving this subject some serious thought?

If so, we know people who can help.