Ignition Program - Scorecard

Review each pair of phrases and think about how they apply to your company – then circle the number that comes closest to describing your current situation.

The vision that inspires internal passion for our business is POWERFUL.
Our current marketing is predominantly STORY driven.
We try to attract PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE WHAT WE BELIEVE as a customer.
We HAVE ALREADY discovered a story that leverages our distinctive qualities.
We do an AMAZING JOB at telling a story that challenges the status quo.
We KNOW EXACTLY what we stand against as a brand in our category.
When it comes to 'customer experience' we EASILY LIVE our story.
Our internal culture is driven by CONSISTENT principles and values.
We are MAXIMIZING OPPORTUNITIES to leverage our potential.

Ignition Program – Competitive Sandbox

Identify the top 3 competitors (direct or indirect) in your market, and indicate their approximate market share.


Ignition Program – 30,000 Feet

Ignition Program – Primary Customer

Ignition Program - Non Negotiables

Ignition Program – Painted Picture 2019

Painted Picture
A look into future to describe what your business looks like 3 years from now.
We pretend in a way, that you’ve gone into a time machine and can vividly see every aspect of how your business transforms the world of your ideal customer three years out.
You’re not 100% sure on how it all happens. But you are crystal clear on what the future looks like. Sharing it with us helps it become reality.”