Starter Session Homework

The following three exercises help us better understand your current situation and bring greater value to our session. It also allows us to assess potential fit moving forward.

Exercise 1: The Seamless Brand Scorecard

Complete the scorecard by indicating where you currently sit on each of the ten continuums. Click a number between 1 and 10 for each pair of statements to indicate which best reflects your current situation.

Exercise 2: Your Vision for Growth

For this exercise we ask that you describe the vision for moving your business forward.

Exercise 3: The Confidential Questionnaire

Please answer each question in this section in as much detail as possible.

Exercise 1: The Seamless Brand Scorecard

Directions: Read each pair of statements and determine how they apply to your business by clicking the number (1 being the worst & 10 being the best) that accurately reflects your current situation.
The vision that inspires internal passion for our business is POWERFUL
To someone from the outside, we’re UNIQUE among our competitors.
Our current marketing is predominantly STORY driven.
We appeal to a NARROW range of customers who believe what we believe.
Our customers consistently enjoy and rave about a WOW experience.
Our marketing evokes EMOTIONAL POLARITY ( & hate) from people.
We know EXACTLY what we refuse to compromise as a brand in our category.
We have an impressive track record for taking action and DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY.
Our internal culture is driven by KEY BELIEFS & BEHAVIOURS.
We KNOW EXACTLY what business problems are holding us back.

Exercise 2: Your Vision

Exercise 3: Confidential Questionnaire