No potential to offend?
Good luck trying to persuade.

what if stories are simply data with a soul?

Humanity has used stories to unite causes & communities, create movements & religions and promote patriotism. From cave drawings to campfire tales, to the Gutenberg Bible, our species has (for a few centuries or so) rallied around stories, the kind that hit us where we live, touch our hearts, lift our spirits and take us to someplace new.

Science has learned, well-crafted stories trigger a release of oxytocin, which often makes what we read in books and watch in films and on television irresistible. Biologically, our brains crave the power of a good story to process different strands of information and make sense of it all. Would you believe, great stories also bypass our natural resistance to being sold by inviting us to acknowledge universal truths and beliefs already in place?

What if your company could influence buying decisions by leveraging a built-in, biological addiction formed from the days when we were first tucked in at night? Deep down, you know this to be true. After all, how many kids ever went to bed saying, “Please Mommy…tell me a statistic”?

When it comes to business, great story-telling is not child’s play.

Elegantly crafted, well-told stories are the high octane fuel that accelerates those precious few “brands of distinction” that exist in any category. In some respects, the power of a compelling story can be considered part of the magic elixir that make people thirst for Jack Daniels, pay top dollar for a Rolex or tattoo their body with a KISS logo.

Is there a comparable story waiting to be unearthed inside your company?

When would you like to start digging?