ryan maxwell

partner, art director

His philosophy with respect to strategy & visual design is simple...

"If it doesn't speak the language of your customer, then the creative is worthless". Ryan is a national award winning Art Director who has helped clients stand head and shoulders above their competitors when it comes to creating a visual identity and story that sticks in the hearts and minds of customers.

darren sears

partner, brand strategist

Consider him your GPS for messaging and strategy.

Darren has emerged as the invisible force behind compelling brands. That said, he's not the kind of guy who wastes your time (or his) with a beaker of happy talk. You will experience a level of clarity about your business and your brand you never felt before, just don't always expect to hear what you want to hear.

emilie squires


In every sense, she's a student of the visual arts. Beyond Emilie's soft spoken exterior lives a passion for learning that makes her stand apart from her peers. When you need something done, Em's the one with the spark in her eye that says "I'll figure it out". But at the end of the day - she's happiest when she lets herself get lost in a world of creative thought.

jennifer mcgrath


Ideation, word-craft and content strategy are all in Jennifer’s skill set. A published author and award-winning writer, Jennifer is all about discovering your story…and delivering it in the most impactful way possible.

ryan gagné


IT expertise, SEO-savvy, and an in-depth understanding of marketing in the digital domain make Ryan an invaluable resource when it comes to harnessing the power of the Web. We’ll craft your story; Ryan will engineer it.

alexandra nasadyk


The digital world is her oyster. A visual story-teller with an artistic flare for creating brand identities, Alexandra has the talent, tools and technical expertise to transform a creative vision into a full-colour, multi-media reality.