Ryan Maxwell

ryan maxwell

Art Director & Visual Designer

Ryan is a national award winning Art Director who has helped clients stand head and shoulders above their competitors when it comes to creating a visual story that sticks in the hearts and minds of customers. He has extensive experience designing and directing print, web UX, and video initiatives for small, medium and large businesses with diverse budgets.

Before co-founding The Seamless Brand in 2013 he kicked off his 17 year plus visual communications career working for one of Atlantic Canada’s premiere advertising agencies. He has also served on Holland College’s Graphic Design Program Advisory Board, and helped develop curriculum for Eastern College’s Graphic Design Program.

Darren Sears

darren sears


Darren has emerged as the invisible force behind compelling brands within Canada and the US. That said, he’s not the kind of guy who wastes your time (or his) with a beaker of happy talk. He has helped companies create market separation by implementing strategies that rely heavily on telling and living a story that actually matters to customers.

In his opinion – the power being on-message (powerful words combined with the right visuals) is fueled by three ‘must haves’ – clarity, relevance and a company CEO who is driven to be ‘anything but average’.

Kris Rogers

kris rogers

Videographer &
Graphic Designer

Kris is the eye behind every script and story captured on video. With more than 18 years of video, motion graphics and animation experience he has directed and created video for a variety of national clients including, Moosehead, MMA and Ducks Unlimited.

Kris refuses to let equipment or budget stand in the way of over delivering – although he does have a soft spot for the latest gear. As a visual story teller he is well versed in 3D imagery and CGI, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

taylor spencer


In every sense, she’s a student of visual communication and problem solver.

Beyond Taylor’s meticulous ‘get it done’ mindset lives a passion for learning that separates her from most. When you need a solution, Taylor’s the one with the spark in her eye that says “I’ll figure it out”. That said, when the whistle blows at 5pm – perhaps her most striking natural attribute is an unspoken determination to do whatever it takes to hit a client deadline.

lex gouzoules


The only thing she craves more than a good bowl of soup, is a design challenge she can sink her teeth into.

Beyond Lex’s impressive skillset as a graphic designer and illustrator, one of the greatest assets she brings to the table is her passion for learning and creating. When she requires clarity she’ll ask; when you need her help she’s there. Catch her with a smile on her face and it usually means one of two things – she’s checking items off her ‘to-do’ list – or she’s just received a text from her husband saying that dinner is in the smoker”!

Jessie-lee lomax


She wears multiple caps (along with an all knowing’ smile), and never looks stressed.

Jessie-Lee is the proverbial glue keeps us moving forward. Projects, content generation, client relations, team support, problem solving, creative “ah ha’s” – she does it all with a natural ease. One of her greatest gifts is her ability to process complex challenges, and communicate ideas in simple yet powerful ways. Prior to joining our Seamless team, she served as Marketing Manager with Kent Homes – and during her 10+ year journey she was integral in helping accelerate their growth trajectory.

Ryan Gagné

ryan gagné


Ryan is an experienced UX / UI designer with extensive knowledge of PHP, Java, ASP.net, CSS and HTML. Working with platforms and frameworks such as WordPress, WooCommerce, CodeIgniter, DotNetNuke, Eclipse, Visual Studio and Android Studio – he has developed hundreds of websites and e-commerce solutions.

Ryan got his start developing online marketing campaigns for Car & Driver and Bonnier in New York and has spent the last 20 years developing and building websites, applications, ecommerce and user experiences for Credit Unions, Small and medium business and owners.

steve gould

SEO & Digital Marketing

Steve began his career working for one of Ontario’s largest media companies in online sales. With more than 10 years of SEO experience in the private sector Steve is experienced in all aspects of SEO including keyword research, on-page/technical SEO, and creative strategies to build up clients’ backlink profiles and online authority

Closely related to his strategic SEO experience, Steve is also a Google Partner and spends 50% of his time building digital campaign strategies for mid-sized and enterprise level businesses. The majority of his implementation and tracking metrics are focused on lead generation through paid social, display / remarketing and video.