Going to “creative” before “clarity”
is just the easy way out

In a world of extreme clutter you need more than great creative

Most traditional marketing usually gets punted by the brain because the message is limp.

This morning, you may have glanced at a highway billboard or listened to a radio ad trumpeting “quality, service, selection – with a friendly and knowledgeable staff”. But Aside from hoovering your hard earned cash – recycled hype, marketing happy talk or the humdrum language of “features, aadvantages, benefits” does nothing but yawn in the mind of your customers.

Doesn’t it makes more sense to craft a sharp, diamond-tipped message before splurging on media buys that see your ads get lost among the 5,449 others your potential customer is hearing or seeing today?

Your choice is clear. Keep humming a campaign of oh-so quaint gospel songs that have long since been tuned out. OR, start singing with some gravel in your guts (and a little spit in your eye) – and stop worrying about the people you might offend along the way.

The person you most want to reach is dying to hear something that actually registers on their personal “give-a-shit-a-meter”? If you’ve got something worthwhile to say – we’ll help you get heard.