Client Stories

Property Guys

The contribution of the Seamless Brand goes well beyond marketing awards. They provide us with an incredible amount of internal brand development through the delivery and support of “ University”.

Visually they have also taken us to new levels with the national award winning designs for our lollipop sign and in-house sales marketing kit and materials.The on-going work of The Seamless Brand continues to have a direct impact on sales – with our listings climbing 146% overall in the last two years alone. In addition, we’ve also been able to increase the overall growth and value of our entire franchise systems and its more than 100 locations.

Mucho kudos to The Seamless Brand, their people and the way they approach branding on so many different levels.

Ken LeBlanc
President / CEO

Riverview Ford Lincoln

Before partnering with The Seamless Brand our marketing looked and sounded like any other car dealership in Fredericton. Almost three years later we have established and communicated our No Games message internally and externally in a way that resonates with our culture and beliefs. It speaks to our customers because we live it.

There are a lot of indicators that prove our brand’s story is being heard. Perhaps the one were most proud of, is that we became the #1 ranked New Car Dealer for 2010 in sales within the Fredericton market for the first time in recent history.

The Seamless Brand isn’t just another advertising agency – they’re committed to evolving our message, story and business at every level.

Nick McCarthy
– Riverview Ford Lincoln


The Seamless Brand gave us a new name, visuals and a marketing campaign that literally has people talking. The name itself has generated more buzz than I could have imagined. People love it or they hate it but we’ve learned that’s a good thing (most people eagerly tell us they love it without ever being asked). Thanks to Darren and Ryan who push us to take risks and stick to the strategy!

With the new inkadoo brand and long-term radio campaign – we’ve already seen a positive impact on our bottom line. What initially seemed scary is a no brainer today – but that’s hindsight. I won’t say it doesn’t take courage to be different but with the right team of people behind you it works.

I give full value to The Seamless Brand process and the way their team can accelerate growth.

Rob Buyting
– ink-a-doo


We knew our salmon was superior in taste and quality; but the question was always – will distributors pay us the premium it deserves? After trying to do it by ourselves for three years we went looking outside our group for expertise.

Since working with The Seamless Brand team we’ve developed a strategy that is creating the right kind of awareness for the esqu brand, to the point where we’ve signed agreements with preferred distributors for guaranteed above market pricing for our salmon. This is something extremely rare in the fresh seafood industry.

Our preferred distributors won’t just sell our product to anyone – they have a group of loyal customers who are actually asking for the esqu brand by name. I am not sure that we would have maximized the value of our product without the help of Gair, Darren and Ryan – but we’re on that path today because of our continued association with them.

Terry Drost
– esqu Seafood


In less than two years GroundMAX has experienced a 300% growth spike and we’ve expanded into the lucrative Alberta market since partnering with The Seamless Brand.

It’s funny, but we now know who we are, and speak with confidence to the message we developed through the Seamless Brand Program. We get great comments from our customers and recently had a large supplier from China find us online and request to do business with us. In our business, when that happens it is a sign we have a hit on our hands!

The hours of calls with Darren proved to be a journey that would forever change the course of what we do. What business are you really in? What is your customer really buying? These were hard questions to answers but Darren dragged them out of us and then developed a brand message, story and our new name that defined what we do in a way we never thought about. When it came to the visuals (logo, web design, marketing materials) Ryan hit it out of the park.

Thanks to the entire Seamless Brand Team for your continued guidance and for creating GroundMAX – Forever grateful!

Ken & Julie Speichts
– GroundMAX